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Leaf Defier®

Gutter Filtration System - Fits All Standard 5” and 6” K Style Gutters


Leaf Defier® is a contractor grade gutter filtration product. It is backed by a 25 year No-Clog warranty and has been proven by independent studies to withstand the most UV degradation and extreme weather conditions out of all other gutter filtration products on the market today.

Below is a brief quality / performance summary of our High Performance Professional Leaf Defier® Gutter Filtration line.


  • Compression Force Characteristics: Leaf Defier proven to have 60% Higher Compression Force Stability Vs. Commodity Wholesale (coated and non coated) Foam Filters. (Physical Testing Report Copyright 2007)
  • Degradation Characteristics Leaf Defier proven to have ZERO surface erosion and degradation Vs. Commodity Wholesale coated and non coated) Foam Filters. (Physical Testing Report Copyright 2007)
  • Fire Test Characteristics Leaf Defier is the ONLY product to meet or exceed UL Fire Rating Standards (UL-94H and UL 84) (Physical Testing Report Copyright 2007)
  • Leaf Defier’s proprietary multipolymer base foam formula offers greater density and physical strength retention than competitive products to ensure maximum quality gutter filtration in even extreme weather conditions.

Third party support

  • Clinically Tested and Certified to Prevent the Infestation and Breeding of Insects within Rain Gutters
  • Green Product Reviewed / Green-Buildings’ team of accredited green building professionals performed a benchmark analysis of Leaf Defier® against Green-Buildings’ proprietary Green Building Accepted Environment Principles Process and determined that Leaf Defier® is a Viable GREEN Building Product.
  • Leaf Defier has been reviewed and accredited by Multiple Industry Renowned and Leading Entomologists from the University of Florida.


  • Leaf Defier is the only product-of-its-kind to include a 25-year, No-Clog manufacturers warranty based on the physical and performance capabilities demonstrated nationwide during thousands of installations over the past decade.
  • Only Leaf Defier is available in multiple sizes (5” and 6” K-style, 5” and 6” half rounds, etc.) to fit all common rain gutter configurations.


  • Leaf Defier flow rates exceed 28 inches of rain per hour, which is nearly three times the national standard for rainfall volumes and the best among all current gutter protection systems. In addition, Leaf Defier systems exceed ASTM Standards for exterior Grade Urethanes.
  • Leaf Defier will not void roofing, siding, or gutter warranties since its recommended installation does not require nails, screws, tar, or sealants.
  • Leaf Defier has been used by tens of thousands of satisfied customers. Leaf Defier is proven to continue to provide exceptional performance far into the future.

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Keeps your gutters clean and free of all leaves, seeds, pine needles, and insects

leaf defier keeps out bugs, leaves and debris

Before Leaf Defier®

Gutters are clogged with leaves, bugs and other debris

clean gutters once leaf defier is installed

After Leaf Defier®

Gutters remain clean and unobstructed

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Environmentally Friendly

Flexible Design - won't bend, dent or crack

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